Designated J-IIIL these new stand-alone non-modular side discharge fan models will be available in 22.4, 28.0 & 33.4kW sizes (8, 10 & 12HP).

These new models are aimed directly at the commercial and light commercial sector which require outdoor units with compact sizes (only 1,428mm high), Low weight (170kg), Low sound level (52dBA for 22.4kW model plus a further 3dBA reduction via a low noise function setting), high connection ratio (up to 30 indoor units on 33kW model), ductable outdoor fans (30Pa on 33kW model) and long pipe runs (120m index run, 400m maximum system and 60m from first separation tube to farthest indoor unit).

The new J-IIIL systems also feature a low refrigerant charge volume which in most cases does will not require the extra cost of a refrigerant leak detection system and can also be connected to other manufacturers Air Handling Units via Fujitsu’s DX AHU kit.

Colin Goode (Fujitsu-General UK product Manager) commented: “Many projects do not need the modularity or longer pipe run capabilities of our current maxi -VRF models. The compact size, low noise, low refrigerant charge and lighter weight of the J-IIIL models will all allow them to be used in built up city centre projects where a different set of requirements are needed”.