Conex Bänninger, leading global manufacturer of fittings and valves, is to showcase its innovative air conditioning and refrigeration product range at HVAC & Refrigeration 2018.

Following more than a century of experience and expertise in fittings manufacturing and many years of producing the innovative three-point-press, >B< MaxiPro is a further progression of Conex Bänninger’s press fitting technology.

Featured on stand D16, the new >B< MaxiPro press-fit range is specifically engineered to withstand the higher pressures of air-conditioning and refrigeration applications. In a sector dominated by traditional braze fittings, the >B< MaxiPro range will ensure significantly reduced installation time, reliable connections and ease of installation.

As the demand for press fittings continues to grow globally, the new >B< MaxiPro raises the bar in performance and engineering expertise specifically for the ACR sector. Not only that, the innovative system also stands as further evidence of the manufacturer’s commitment to leading the air conditioning and refrigeration industry in the press revolution.

Available in sizes ¼” to 1-1/8”, the three-point-press system has a maximum operating pressure of 48 bar at 121°C and because it’s a flame-free mechanical joint, there is no risk of fire or a need for a hot work permits on site.

Other key products in the ACR arena such as the high pressure K65 system and Conex Bänninger’s traditional >B<ACR range will also be featured on stand. 

Designed for large commercial applications such as schools, supermarkets and hospitals, the high pressure K65 comes as part of Conex Bänninger’s commitment to providing a holistic range of solutions for the ACR sector. While delivering pressure ratings of 120 bar, the K65 system enables businesses to enhance their green credentials by utilising the highly pressured COR744 refrigerant.

Bill Barlow, UK Business Unit Director for OEM and ACR said: “Following the success of Conex Bänninger’s >B< MaxiPro launch in the Australian market over the last two years, we’re confident we have developed an innovative product that breaks new ground in both installation and performance.

“HVAC & Refrigeration is a fantastic event to celebrate the long-awaited launch of >B< MaxiPro in the UK and it’s a great opportunity for attendees to see Conex Bänninger’s ACR solutions first-hand, alongside the expertise of our product team. We understand that although >B< MaxiPro is pushing the envelope technologically, there is still a demand for traditional braze ACR fittings, whilst our K65 product offers unmatched high-pressured performance.”

Recommended by Conex Bänninger for all press installations, a selection of Rothenberger press tools and jaws will also make up part of the stand. A key piece of equipment when installing >B< MaxiPro fittings, the jaws suited to >B< MaxiPro are easily identifiable by their pink label, logo and jaw size.

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