Gel-clear’s new condensate drain dye is aimed at food retail refrigeration, providing operatives with a fast and simple troubleshooting tool.

There are many people involved in keeping the chillers working at their best, from the refrigeration engineer to the shelf stacker stacking the merchandise correctly.

A misdiagnosed water leak can be caused by different problems, such as below ground drain blockage; a condensate drain blockage in the overground case plumbing; thawing ice on pipes; sweating condensation due to insulation failure; and physical issues like a loose connector, cracked pipework or a dislocated joint.

Identifying the cause quickly is essential in the food retail environment. The purpose of the dye is to rapidly identify where the problem lies.

Simple to use, the dye is super concentrated and able to treat 500 litres of water a luminous green, so once squirted down the drain, one can quickly identify where any water is from. No green dye in any water on the floor would isolate the case plumbing and below ground drains as the source conclusively. 

The dye will even identify the problem as being below ground or overground in the drains. This is essential in identifying the cause of the problem, which is otherwise costly to establish with dual attendances.

The dye is also UV sensitive, meaning even the slightest weeping on a loose connector can be identified using a UV torch. Gel-clear will be giving away free UV torches with every box sold.

Gel-clear’s condensate drain dye is an ideal tool in refrigeration PPM or deep cleans, and one shot down the drain on completion can ensure that the drain remains flowing and fit for purpose.

With extended retailing hours and shorter maintenance windows, the dye brings clear and definite results fast – something that is important to everyone connected to the chillers function.

The dye will be available from 1 November. The 250ml bottle it is available in boxes of 12, each of which comes with a free UV torch.