(Birmingham, February 16, 2016) European customers are seeking possibilities to comply with new legislation, enacted by European Parliament in 2014 and designed to ban refrigerants with higher global-warming potential (over 150) from the market by 2020.

This means that especially commercial refrigerating products, which are now produced in large quantities for use with old-type cooling media (in some producers with over 50 percent of production volumes), need a big rehaul in the next few years. The most prominent currently-used refrigerants due to be removed from the market include R134a and R404A.
As the detailed tests in Embraco laboratories have shown, few alternative refrigerants are able to supply currently-used refrigerants without further changes in the refrigerating system. The biggest problem is posed by higher temperatures.
Of most-widely used refrigerants, the immediate replacement is R452A. Others, such as R407F, R407A are not recomended, refrigerants R448A and R449A – could be used only under specific conditions, calling for specicif system adjustment with high attention to temperature of condensation. It is especially necessary to avoid using these refrigerants at higher pressures.
Responsible products as priority
Embraco, a multinational corporation based in Brazil, with operations in the Americas, Europe and China, is spearheading the quest for ecological alternatives. In its products, Embraco paves the way for using hydrocarbon refrigerants with lower GWP (Global Warming Potential).
For instance, Embraco endorses the use of hydrocarbon refrigerants, as found in natural resources. Among them is isobutane (R600a), which works as a full-fledged replacement of R134a. As for propane (R290), this refrigerant works as an immediate alternative for R404A.
Embraco, presenting its ecological and energy-saving products at the stand of Hawco at ACR 2016, is one of the largest manufacturers of hermetic compressors for refrigeration.

The presentation “The latest trends in refrigeration” by Embraco will be held on Thursday February 18, at Air Conditioning & Heat Pump Theatre at 10:30am. 
Profiles of Embraco representatives:
Peter Buksar is working for Embraco in the refrigeration compressors business since 2001. Peter covered various roles in Embraco R&D area – first as product development engineer, later as Product Development Leader for Commercial compressor in Embraco Slovakia and since 2012 he joined a newly assigned group of Technical support engineers for Commercial Compressors as Senior Specialist. Now he is responsible to provide technical support regarding all Embraco
products to Commercial and Aftermarket customers in Central and Northern Europe, including UK.
Marco Montrucchio is working for Embraco in the refrigeration compressors business since 2011. As part of the sales department of distribution & aftermarket Europe, Marco is taking care of the distribution network in several Countries around Europe, including UK and Ireland.

About Embraco:
Headquartered in Joinville, Santa Catarina, Brazil, Embraco is a multinational manufacturer of hermetic compressors, the main component responsible for producing cold in refrigeration systems. With more than 12,000 employees and an annual production capacity of 39 million units, Embraco has emerged as a leader in highly innovative refrigeration technology. With offices and factories in China, Italy, Slovakia, Mexico, the United States and Russia, Embraco offers energy efficient refrigeration solutions to the global market. To learn more about Embraco, visit www.embraco.com.