RABScreen have teamed up with industry cooling tower specialists, DHD Cooling, and market leaders in fixed and rolling deployment systems, winter protection, and wind reduction systems, Galebreaker, to provide a comprehensive range of bespoke screening solutions to the cooling market.

Reducing the amount of airborne debris entering a cooling system can drastically reduce the effects of fouling on performance and help reduce the chemical demands of open evaporative systems by reducing the amount of nutrients in the water. Filtration prevents large quantities of airborne contaminants from blocking coils, and collecting in cooling fills which can quickly build up, by catching this debris in an easy to access external location, simple regular cleaning can keep your equipment clean and running more efficiently for longer periods, improving performance and reducing maintenance time.

Wind reduction screens have proven success in the large Air Cooled Condenser and Air Cooler markets globally, using Galebreaker systems, to help reduce the effects of wind sheer, during periods of high winds. This significantly improves year round thermal performance and reduces the effects of varying wind loads on mechanical components.

Winter protection screens can also help improve thermal efficiency, by reducing the glycol content of closed circuit cooling systems, which can increase thermal capacity, or simply protect units from the effects of freezing winds.