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Doctoris Athanasios SA

Doctoris Athanasios SA was created in 1988 and up till nowadays is a pioneer in the field of heating, air conditioning & plumbing.

 Our strategic goal is the direct service of our customers by providing integrated solutions, variety of choices and excellent quality in order to diversify themselves and stand out.

 With the invaluable help of our qualified staff we are able to handle large scale exports and make daily deliveries throughout Europe.

 The response and the trust of our clients is the driving force that pushes us into new investments of innovative products over the years.


By producing on-site oxygen/hydrogen gas from water and electricity, the dyomix® solution frees you from all the constraints related to storage, handling and distribution of gas. Our hydrogen torch delivers a clean and powerful flame for all your brazing operations. Come and see a demonstration at our booth.

Advanced Engineering is the recognised market leader in the manufacture and supply of coil cleaning and associated products. Its unrivalled knowledge of the technology – and its deep understanding of maintenance engineers’ needs – has been gained since the company was formed in 1982.

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Hangzhou Elk Refrigerant Hith-Tech Co

Our company located in Hangzhou china.We own a practical workshop area of 15,000 square meters,

Specializes in manufacturing and selling a variety of refrigerants and fuel gases(Primarily with propylene and propane).

The main product of company are R22/R134A/R404A/R410A/470C/R507/R600A/RR290 and industrial fuel Mapp gas/Propane.