ART-0278 Innotech Europe Logo RGBEmbracing the entire HVAC&R sector into the ACR Show has proved to be a drawcard for exhibitors, one of the them the Australian manufacturer of controls and building and energy management systems (BEMs), Innotech Europe Itd.

From 2016 for the first time, the biennial ACR Show (traditionally the domain of the air conditioning and refrigeration industries) will expand to include the heating, ventilation and heat pump sectors.

Held at the NEC in Birmingham in February next year, the event expects to attract visitors and exhibitors from all five sectors which now frequently work hand in hand offering solutions for both heating and cooling.

Distribution manager of Innotech Europe Ltd Thomas McIlhatton said: “Innotech is not a company that waits and follows trends, we like to make them. As the ACR Show has taken this step to offer support to the HVAC&R and building and energy management industry, we are proud to support this move and believe that having a more diverse offering (including HVAC&R Controls and BEMS) for attendees, will really make the event something people won’t want to miss.”

Innotech Europe which is represented in the UK and Ireland by Kevin Taylor, has recently implemented a new strategy with a key focus on the European market.

Mr McIlhatton said: “We are extremely focused on increasing brand recognition in Europe – it is our key objective over the next five to 10 years. We are confident from our meetings in Europe that there are a significant number of system integrators, mechanical contractors, consulting engineers and educators who are ready to improve what is offered to their clients and students.

In 2015 Innotech will have completed the release of a new platform called “Omni” –the culmination of 30+ years of experience, “including what our clients loved about our existing range of products, and not just the latest, but emerging technologies” said Mr McIlhatton.

“We have listened hard to our European partners to ensure we don’t just accommodate what they need for their clients, but we have included industry leading technologies to create what we believe will become a new BEMS standard.

“We have already displayed some pre-production Omni models to some of our existing partners, and a couple of prospective partners throughout England, Wales and Ireland during 2015. The interest and feedback has been extremely positive and the innovation displayed by Omni is something they believe will provide many benefits, but not just to them.

He said: “We believe the ACR Show will provide a great central location to showcase the Innotech brand and the new Omni platform. We hope to acquire new business partners as well as additional training institutes who are wanting to improve what they deliver to their students.


The Innotech Solution and Omni aims to provide benefits for:

System integrators (A competitive edge, with more features than other major brands. Innovation in design)

Developers (Ease of programming and off-site testing)

Commissioning technicians (Simple programming, cross platform web-server for commissioning)

Clients end users (A sustainable solution with no hidden fees)

Facility managers (The BEMS is actively monitoring itself and providing information, data and notifications of any issues. Using the same software for energy analysis and building management also provides a single user experience, requires less training, and provides instantaneous analysis when strategies are modified)