Be notified when your textile duct needs to be washed. That is the idea behind InTex® – a device which monitors your textile based ventilation system. A clean textile duct provides healthy indoor climate and energy savings that will benefit not only the environment but also the operating economy of the plant.

It is a fact that textile ducts must be cleaned regularly in order to stay efficient and ensure effective and draught-free air distribution. That applies to all ventilation ducts, including steel ducts, however, to clean steel ducts is more difficult and expensive which explains why most steel ducts are poorly maintained. This will not only mean a loss of ventilating efficiency and energy but also reduce indoor climate quality. Textile ducts are easily taken down and washed in a regular washing-machine. The washing frequency depends on their application. Textile ducts installed in slaughterhouses and industrial applications must be washed more frequently than ducts in offices for example.

Energy-efficient ventilation

To determine exactly when to wash the textile duct, KE Fibertec has developed the InTex® system designed to monitor the air pressure in the duct. When the static pressure reaches a specific level, it will automatically generate an e-mail and you will be able to log onto the InTex® webpage. The charts below show which sensors have recorded a change of pressure that indicates which textile ducts need washing.

Sustainability, energy savings and healthy indoor climate

The new Danish building code BR 2020 places energy consumption on the agenda. This means that in future there will be limitations on energy consumption in offices, schools, institutions, etc. that reduces the allowed consumption of kWH/m2 to merely 1/3 of the present level.

InTex® is a useful tool when the duct is dirty and uses too much energy. A clean textile duct will deliver the same air distribution at a lower energy consumption. This benefits not only the environment but also the operating economy of the plant.

FLSmidth chose InTex®

The Danish installation contractor Caverion installed this solution at FLSmidth R&D Center Dania and they are very pleased with the system:

“InTex® has added extra value to our service concept which makes it easier for us to plan the washing and maintenance intervals of our customers’ ventilation systems,” says Bjarne Vig, project manager of ventilation with Caverion.

He continues, “We have installed InTex® at FLSmidth R&D Center Dania in both production and laboratory facilities. Now we are continuously kept up-to-date on the performance of the textile ducts, and we know exactly when to wash them. We do not wash unnecessarily and not too late. By doing so the customer can maintain a healthy indoor climate and at the same time save considerable energy as a clean duct will consume less power.”

About KE Fibertec and textile based ventilation

KE Fibertec AS develops, manufactures, and markets ”good indoor climate” or air distribution systems based on fibre technology. KE Fibertec’s textile ducts can be tailored to match the shape, colour and size of the room and are used in schools, laboratories, sports centres, offices, and any place where healthy indoor climate and efficient air distribution are essential.