NEW! Industry Insight Series

Visitors had an opportunity to attend a series of exciting live debates on key industry issues.

In this interactive feature, future industry issues were explored by a specially selected panel of guest speakers from manufacturing, industry figures and retail sectors with an opportunity for Q&A sessions.

Industry Insight 1
‘The future of refrigerated transport’

Chaired by The Food Storage & Distribution Federation (FSDF) CEO Chris Sturman, this Insight addressed the main challenges the sector faces in the wake of Brexit.

How will it affect the industry? Do we even know yet?

What is the impact of this uncertainty?

What do tighter border controls mean for food transportation and ultimately, the consumer – could supermarkets be left short of stock at best and empty at worst?

Industry Insight 2
‘Well buildings’

With new wellbuilding methodologies entering the market place, it is the new ‘buzz word’ in workplace management circles.

How can a building be measured for ‘wellness’? What impact can this have on the ‘wellness’ of its occupants?

Speakers included:

  • Victoria Lockheart
    The International WELL Building Institute (IBWI)
  • Dr Michelle Agha Hossein
  • Simon Wyatt
  • Dr Christopher Ward