Stanley are a solutions provider with a strong presence in the material handling industry, they are renowned for providing industry-leading stair climbers, having been in operation since 1948. Their last appearance at the HVACR show sparked great interest in the industry, mainly because of their unique all-inclusive solutions, which incorporate machine, training, servicing and finance.

Emma Parkins, marketing manager, said: “We’re absolutely delighted that we have managed to secure our stand for 2018. We felt our last experience at the show presented the perfect opportunity to not only showcase our products, but also better understand the challenges facing the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration industry.”

Stanley claim that a key challenge facing the industry is the sheer weight of the hardware utilised, and the fact that lifting and shifting heavy components can be a strain, with the added risk of injury. They go on to suggest that their stair climbing solutions are ideal for not only lessening the strain involved substantially, but also significantly reducing the risk of injury. Not only that, the solutions are designed to be cost-effective and durable, with comprehensive service and parts packages available.

Stanley suggest that they have a full suite of stair climbers ideal for a vast amount of applications, ranging from the light and agile Sprinter which lifts weights of up to 170kg, to the robust PowerMate series. These specific machines are the strongest in the portfolio, capable of lifting a whopping 680kg.

All of Stanley’s machines are user-friendly, with simple push-button controls and even an on-site training package offered from their state-of-the-art training facility in Luton. Chris Walshe, Stanley’s stair climbing expert, said: “I can think of a whole range of applications for the stair climbers relevant to the industry. These machines will easily move radiators, pumps, hot water cylinders, and even large industrial air conditioning units. I’m confident we have a solution that can make the operators’ lives easier and more importantly, a lot safer.”

The company are sure to continue to integrate their solutions into the industry for years to come. To witness live demonstrations of their impressive machines, pop along to their stand D34 at the upcoming HVACR show.