1004-HygroMatikWEBLocated at the very heart of the UK, at the premier National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, The ACR Show is the ONLY national exhibition for the refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation, heating and heat pump sectors.  With the popularity of the show increasing, many exciting exhibitors are joining us in 2016.

Under the spotlight today is: HygroMatik. For more than 45 years HygroMatik has been one of the leading and successful suppliers of solutions in the area of air humidification. With its range of steam humidifiers and generators, steam injection systems, centrifugal atomisers, adiabatic high and low pressure systems, as well as water treatment;  HygroMatik’s knowledge and experience, flow into the further development of its products for the controlled humidification of air in the climate and spa sector. HygroMatik supplies made-to-measure solutions for requirements related to isothermal and adiabatic humidification on land and at sea. HygroMatik is a member of the HEVAC Humidity Group, which is committed to the correct provision of humidification across all applications.  Visit: www.feta.co.uk/humidity for more details.

Why are you supporting The ACR Show?

Andie P. Chessun, national sales manager UK & RoI commented: “As the only national exhibition dedicated to the HVAC industry, it is the ideal place for us to showcase our products and expertise to a wide variety of visitors from different sectors. The ACR show will also provide HygroMatik with the perfect networking opportunity where we can engage with our existing customers and meet potential new customers.”

What can we expect from you at the Show?

“I will present a CPD on “Why humidify” and also discuss the reasons why one should humidify, the various application areas of humidification and the different types of humidification systems. HygroMatik will be exhibiting on stand B41 where we will showcase our steam humidifiers and an adiabatic high pressure system with a duct. HygroMatik will be delighted to get to know you and your projects in order to support you to implement the ideal solution.”

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